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Give yourself peace of mind by finding out if your property contains asbestos, so that you can dispose of it promptly and safely.

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Asbestos Survey Portsmouth
Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos Surveying

The team undertaking asbestos surveys in Portsmouth are licensed, and understand how to survey commercial buildings professionally, and can give guidance on dealing with asbestos safely.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys

Prior to beginning any conversion work or demolition at your commercial site, you have to conduct an asbestos survey in Portsmouth.

Asbestos Site Survey Cost<br>

Asbestos Site Survey Cost

Asbestos site survey costs in Portsmouth will depend upon the type of survey you have commission. The professionals always aim to offer an affordable solution.

Asbestos Management Surveys in Portsmouth

Asbestos Management Surveys in Portsmouth

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 establishes rules for asbestos control in businesses. The duty holder of any commercial property must handle the hazards associated with asbestos. Part of this task is commissioning asbestos surveys in Portsmouth at suitable times. These surveys help to identify the possible risks from the presence of asbestos in a property. The process allows the business to manage any asbestos containing materials. There are two primary types of survey that a company may need to use. These are demolition and refurbishment surveys, and management surveys. After conducting a survey, a company will then need to perform an asbestos risk assessment in Portsmouth. They then can establish a management plan.

An asbestos management survey in Portsmouth is needed to make sure that prolonged use and occupation of the premises is safe. The reason for of the survey is to help monitor and manage the risk of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). It will help in locating any ACMs and presumed ACMs. It will also identify how they could be damaged during the day-to-day use of the building. The survey involves sampling and analysing materials to identify any possible ACMs.

The other kind of survey that your company may require is an asbestos demolition survey in Portsmouth. Or you could need a refurbishment survey. This kind of survey should be performed before any construction work or demolition is undertaken. The investigation needs to identify any ACMs in the area where the refurbishment takes place. If a property is undergoing demolition, the whole structure needs to be assessed. You may also need to use this kind of survey when conducting extensive maintenance or repairs.

The regulations establish that ACMs must be disposed of as far as is practical before extensive refurbishment or demolition. It can also be useful for minor refurbishment plans. Performing the survey necessitates the use of more aggressive surveying lifting carpet and floor tiles and breaking through walls. Information gathered from the survey should be used to carry out this work. You should also provide it to contractors for refurbishment or demolition.

Asbestos Survey Planning Portsmouth

You should make sure to plan well when you have an asbestos survey in Portsmouth Hampshire. Extensive planning can make the process smoother. There are several pieces of vital information you should provide for your surveyor. These include details of the areas to be surveyed, how they're used, and any threats present. They also should know security and safety information. They should know how to gain access to all areas, and who to contact for any problems in operations or health and safety.

There is also a list of details you would expect to receive from the surveyor. They should provide you with their qualifications, license or accreditation. Ask them for references and insurance. You would also want to receive information of how they plan to work, including a timetable. After they have conducted their work, you should be given a report. It should cover the areas they surveyed and any they could not access. To obtain a competitive quote from licensed asbestos surveyors near Portsmouth, submit the form on the right, or ring the number on this page now. The knowledgeable team will be happy to help you in any way they can, and are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service for all clients.

hi, iam in the process of buying a new house in the ipswich area. survey has found that there is asbestos in the cold water and heating header tank in loft. would like a estimate for removing both. thanks

i require an asbestos survey to create a register for a tenant who is moving into a commercial premises of ours. are you able to assist?

ive had a homebuyers survey done on a property that im looking to purchase. it has brought up that there may be a couple of places with asbestos in. one being the ceilings. they are textured. the other being the eaves. as you can imagine im a bit concerned. could I please get a quote for how much it would cost for someone to go and survey the property for me. its a 3 bed semi. built in x by

hi, I need a pre purchase survey

we have two areas of decorative plaster in the house we have just bought. the house was built late 80s but the survey who inspected prior to purchase said that asbestos was still being used at this time. as we want work doing we would like to check whether or not the areas are likely to be hazardous for workmen.

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What are the legal obligations for asbestos surveys in Portsmouth?

If you run or own a commercial building, you need to know what the law requires you to do in relation to asbestos. There are two pertinent legislations. The first is REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulations 2007). The second is the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. REACH prohibits the supply, use and importation of asbestos. CAR 2012 requires owners and occupiers of commercial premises to control asbestos. These responsibilities include identifying ACMs. You should also assume materials contain asbestos unless there is a good reason not to. A written record should be kept, and ACMs and their risks should be monitored and assessed.

What kind of asbestos survey do I require in Portsmouth?

Determining the sort of asbestos survey that you require for your business is easy. If you are carrying out routine inspections to help you manage ACMs, you should have a management survey. If you are planning a renovation, you need an asbestos refurbishment survey. And you need an asbestos demolition survey for demolition. You should also use a refurbishment survey for repair or intrusive maintenance work.

How do I start an asbestos management plan for my Portsmouth property?

Begin managing the presumed and actual presence of asbestos-containing materials by planning surveys. You can get a quote from asbestos surveyors to carry out surveys. After the survey, you should carry out a risk assessment and create a management plan. Bear in mind that this is a continuing task. Owners and occupiers of non-domestic properties have a responsibility to fulfill.

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